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A Small Photo Gallery of Happy Time Stables' Clients and Owner / Trainer.

To God Be The Glory!

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We're here when you need us, whether it's for a routine checkup, a much needed vaccination, or a walk in the park, we will sit at the barn or drive them from home to their appointment and back* . When life happens and you cannot be there and need someone to care for your pet, we are there* for you. Happy Times Stables will drive to our client's houses sometimes on as short as  30 mins notice * time varies with driving distance. You can rest assured that  your loved one is in good hands with caring love and support that is second, only to your own. We are currently serving Hillsborough County Clients. (*gas fee and hourly charges apply)

Compassionate care for your loved ones

Our Belief is Love for all of God's Creations

Ever Needed an Extra Hand?

Jenny, ready to tutor, Holding BS Accounting

Meet Your Helper, Jenny

About Us

At Happy Time Stables we believe that ALL animals and people alike should be loved. We are a Christian based organization that offers reasonable pricing to get your needs and the needs of your loved one met. Love conquers all and can bring happiness to you and your family, both two and four legged.

Fire Bug and Jenny ready to teach riding

Our mission is to keep your loved ones happy until your return, and to offer our services to help make your life less stressful; while maintaining the quality of life your loved ones are accustom to when you cannot be there or when you just need a little extra help. Happy Time Stables, where we are serving Christ through talents for Pet, Horse, Personal Errands, Accounting, Notary, and Tutoring services.